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Bitcoin In Comparison With Other Online Payment Methods

Bitcoin has already been able to make a name for itself as a purely digital payment tool. But anyone who is concerned with this for the first time, however, first comes across the project with skepticism. After all, it is a cash payment that knows no cash. The “coins” consist exclusively of bits and bytes – without any real equivalent. So what does Bitcoin refer to as an Internet payment method, where it can be paid by means of various other services in euros over the Internet?

Bitcoin In Comparison With Other Online Payment

Bitcoin’s first advantage is that only very small fees are due for its use. The fee payments are usually voluntary and accelerate the transaction process. However, a classic transfer can not compete with the Bitcoin in either case, since in this case, several days are generally required until the amount appears on the recipient’s account, in particular, if there is a weekend or holidays in between.

The alternative payment service provider and Platzhirsch PayPal offers another alternative. This may be free for customers, but the fees are charged by the dealer. And the price question to be taken literally is now: How does the dealer cover his costs? In the end, it is also the case that customers hang out here. In addition, PayPal requires its own account, in which personal data must also be transmitted.

In the past, the company got into the criticism. According to the headlines, the company lamented accounts of customers involved in the Occupy Wallstreet movement. This was rightly interpreted by many as a scandal since the persons concerned could no longer have their own credit in pure arbitrariness. With Bitcoin, on the other hand, the user is largely anonymous, As regards its payments. Although every payment process can be tracked as such, it is easy to assign a name and product to it. Only traders know this.

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